Your model's quality and functionality are only as accurate as the hardware used to capture the scan, the experience of the scanning technician and the software used to process the data. At 3DM, we are committed to using experienced marine technicians, best-in-class hardware, and software to ensure your data's accuracy, usability and security.
3DM uses best in class solutions for terrestrial, mobile, drone, or submersible scanning. We capture and produce the best point cloud possible within an efficient timeframe, based on your scan's purpose. Our advanced fast capture mobile scanners can capture up to 600,000 points per second with panoramic HDR imagery at a relative accuracy of between 8mm and 15mm.
3DM uses industry-leading point cloud registration, data validation, and conversion software to render, convert, maintain, secure, and store your vessel’s digital models. And as your vessel changes, so will your digital models. 3DM manages, validated, and integrates updated scan data as changes occur onboard, so your digital as-built will always be as built.
3DM specializes in Cradle to grave capture, maintenance, and management of your vessel's digital models.  We ensure your data is always secure, current, and in the format you need.
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