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The maintenance process starts right after the scan is captured. 3DM will render your point cloud data to create accurate MESH models that are securely stored. Models can then be exported in the format of your choice. 3DM also takes care of integrating new scan data into your existing model as your vessels evolves. We take care of quality control, data validation, versioning, and archiving.
3DM ensures your data is current, accurate and complete, and used only in approved ways by authorized individuals. 3DM does this partly in the maintenance process and manages and coordinates new and existing point clouds, models, inputs, and outputs.
Inputs are new scans of work completed or changes on your vessel. The 3DM capture team can scan the update or work with your vendors to ensure a quality scan of the work is captured. This will then be uploaded and integrated into your data. Intelligent data can also be added to your models at any time. Outputs are raw point cloud data, HDR Images, 2D and 3D models, and digital twinning.