Capturing, maintaining, and managing your digital models.  Always secure, current, and in the format you require. 

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At 3DM, we are committed to using marine experienced technicians and best-in-class hardware and software to ensure the ultimate accuracy, usability, and security of your data.
3DM coordinates new and existing point clouds, models, inputs and outputs to ensure your data is current, accurate and used only in approved ways by authorized individuals. 
3DM captured data can be used for HDR Imaging (High Dynamic Range) to explore & interact with the vessel with laser accuracy as if onboard. Scan to Plan 2D detailed & accurate schematic plans or 2D as-built drawings. Scan to BIM 3D (Building Information Modeling) 3D as-built models for use in Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing design work. The development of a Digital Twin is a virtual as-built physical & live operational representation of a vessel.