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Advanced mobile laser scanning and 360° image capture for a precise, efficient, and immersive data capture process.




Project Capture

Specific areas are multi-captured or laser captured, processed, then used for your specific project.  Read more...

Vessel Capture

All available and accessible areas of the vessel are multi-captured, including hull. Data is stored for the lifetime of the vessel, available at anytime. Read more...

Construction Capture

Construction progress is captured at predefined milestones, with each capture following the same walking route. This provides a visual record of the vessel across time. Read more...

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See, Experience, Explore

At 3DM we believe digitization is the path to decarbonization.  Our mission is to help you get there.


Our applications and services are designed with that in mind. With multi-capture the laser scanning lets you measure and model with precision. The 360° image capture lets you see, experience and explore.  Some application possibilities we provide:

  • Point Cloud to 2D & 3D Modelling

  • Virtual and Visual Ship Checks

  • Milestone Visual Captures

  • Compliance ADA, Class

  • Hybrid and Digital Twinning

  • Export to CAD Packages

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Always Full Service

3DM is a shipyard to scrapyard digital capture and model management company.  We can capture the vessel throughout construction, refits or dry docs or anytime during the vessel’s life as project or full vessel capture.


After capture 3DM processes your point cloud, then securely stores your data for use.

  • Secure storage with authorized user access and protocols

  • Maintenance of point cloud integrity

  • Vendor access area sectioning

  • Model enhancements

  • Twinning as you go

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Square metres scanned to date


Points per second

3 - 6

Millimetres Relative



3D Maritime Inc.

3DM has combined advanced mobile laser scanning and 360° image capture resulting in a precise, efficient, and immersive data capture process. Once captured, 3DM manages, maintains and processes your digital model.  This data is accessible any time for the life of the vessel and can be used in hundreds of applications and for an unlimited number of projects.  More About Us...